“Atherton Drenth, a clairvoyant, medical intuitive and holistic energy practitioner in Guelph, Ontario, has written Following Body Wisdom for people who are interested or curious about “energy work.. It can be helpful to those who have tried it and still have unanswered questions, as well.

I have experienced this energy wisdom, in fact, with Atherton Drenth herself, and have found her book to be clearly written about a subject that is not easy to describe.

Her own experiences, before and after her entry into energy work, offer readers a very down-to-earth approach. The subject involves communing with guides and forces beyond the earthly realms. I found it reassuring and affirming to know there is such an abundance of possibilities for healing.”


Mary Ann Moore, Story Circle Book Reviews (for complete review)


“This book is a good start for people wanting to understand energy healing and how it can be helpful for a wide variety of problems, from a healer with many years of experience. A rich collection of stories of Atherton’s personal lessons and healings, as well as those of people she has helped, illustrate many of the ways healing can be helpful to you.”


Daniel J. Benor, MD (US), author of Seven Minutes to Natural Pain Release and Healing Research, Volume 1: Spiritual Healing – Scientific Validation of a Healing Revolution



“Following Body Wisdom is a very accessible book for anyone interested in taking control of their health. It provides valuable insights and examples of how energy work may help you achieve the level of health you desire and deserve. Atherton is a gifted healer and her efforts to bring her experiences to print will serve to enhance the lives of countless people.”

Dr. Bruce Walton, D.C.


“Following Body Wisdom is written from the heart. I found this book fascinating and honestly couldn’t put it down. It is so accessible and clearly written that I’ve already recommended it to friends and clients.”

Shelly Timoffee, HET

I loved it, thank you so much for this gift.  I laughed, I cried as a matter of fact, I’m still crying.  I am so grateful for Following Body Wisdom. I guess it’s just nice to know that I haven’t been crazy all my life and others will know they’re not crazy either.”

Kim McKay

“For several years I have been a regular and very satisfied client of Atherton. Everything I read in Following Body Wisdom rings true with my experiences working with Atherton. My healing journey is reflected in many parts of the book which I can’t recommend highly enough to anyone who wants to figure out what ‘makes them tick’ and to overcome any obstacles to living a joyous, healthy life. This book is beautifully and clearly laid out and illustrated, very well written and easy to read. Bravo!”

M Pulins